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Jeanne Diller grew up in Berkeley California and has spent much of her life in this area. Here, as a single parent, she raised her son, Ricky Moore, and is now actively involved in the life of her granddaughter, Rikki Moore.

Jeanne has been an artist since she was a small person, having been dubbed that by her fellow grammar school classmates. She was actively involved in art through her public school and college years creating sculpture, oil paintings, other paintings, drawings, and prints. Then, for many years, Jeanne’s own artwork took a backseat to raising her son and to her work as a teacher in the Chicago public schools and her work as a community and labor organizer.

After her remarriage in 1994, Jeanne decided to create a new focus on art—especially oil painting—and she rented studio space. As a large group studio, it is both a space to work on art and place to meet other artists, learn new art techniques and swap ideas about art and how to publicize artwork. Since 1995, Jeanne has shown her work regularly in businesses, at local art centers, in City of Oakland municipal buildings, at Laney College and in Open Studio events. Many of her exhibits have provided her with the opportunity to hear from viewers how her work affects them. Jeanne believes that once she has created the art, the key interaction is that between the viewer and the work. At that point, Jeanne’s job is to step out of the way.

In this new phase of creating work and exhibiting, Jeanne has received support from members of her family, other artists and friends. Jeanne’s partner, Steve Willett, provides much-needed support to her work as an artist—in the form of technical assistance with her website and other computerized functions, help with design and implementation of exhibit installations and by providing another perspective. Jeanne’s friend Anne Barrows provides invaluable support by helping Jeanne evaluate how to organize the works into a show and to choose titles for specific works. Jeanne’s granddaughter Rikki has been involved in many exhibits and, in 2004, helped to set up the exhibit and then sold her own artwork at Jeanne’s open studio.

Her original art work and reproductions are owned by businesses, professional offices and individual collectors across the United States. If you would like to come to a show or comment on any of the works in this website, please email Jeanne Diller by clicking on “email” on the left side of this page.