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I created the 2005 Series in response to a dream shared in my Quaker meeting. We gather for silent worship and individuals speak aloud when moved by Spirit to speak. Both as an artist and as a person I have been inspired and supported in this spiritual community for many years. In the dream a painter instructs an apprentice to create a forest using large arbitrary color areas and blending them. An actual grove of trees is created — into which the dreamer strolls with a great sense of peace. A number of vivid images from the dream made a strong impression on me and motivated me to leave the gathering, go to my studio and paint my responses in three paintings. Since then, I have gone on to develop my responses through a series of paintings.

The 2005 Series represents a change from my earlier mostly representational or partly representational paintings. I am liberated from the need to match the image to a preconceived view of reality. I retain the emphasis on free-flowing energy and power and gain even greater possibilities for fluidity in these forms.

As abstract work, the individual paintings in the 2005 Series have suggested to viewers widely diverse states or scenes that, nevertheless, share in common a sense of the organic, natural processes of our world. My intent in this statement is not to interpret the art, but to step aside and allow all possible latitude in the viewer’s experience of the work. For this reason, I have also avoided assigning titles to paintings except to number them in chronological order.

I find that my experience as an artist has altered. As I painted the 2005 Series, I found myself feeling more fluid, pacific and free of struggle — even playful. This experience of creating is similar to meditation. These states were novel for me, at that point in my life. Perhaps all these factors are part of the greater enthusiasm I feel for going to my studio and painting. I have found it easier to keep open to my unique expressiveness and I feel myself drawing nearer to Spirit through my art.